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Knowledge incubates in the Human Mind and when applied innovatively becomes a factor of growth and development.


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KnowNet Resources

Efforts are in the pipeline to create simple and easy to use resources to enable communities, organisations and individuals to take full advantage of the ICT revolution for creation of Knowledge Societies in local and global domains.

Some of the resourses developed under the KnowNet Initiative are:

  • KnowNet Weaver (  

    (mirror site

    KnowNet Weaver is a Tool Kit developed for Communities, Non-Governmental Organisations and Individuals to host local knowledge on the Information Superhighway. KnowNet Weaver is a collection of free-of-cost, freeware or shareware softwares/tools available on the internet which enables you to create your own interactive website, give it a domain name and host it on the World Wide Web (WWW) without incurring any monetary cost. The kit is being currently translated into languages other than English and remote volunteer help is provided to communities, organisations and individuals to clarify their doubts/difficulties and help them make use of the resources in the tool kit.

    See some sites created using these resources :


  • TechKnow (    

    (mirror site

    "TechKnow" is a remote website-based as well as e-mail administered web designing course for individuals, organisations and communities working towards sustainable development. Under TechKnow, simple-to-use Modules have been created to enable even a layperson to design and host a website. Remote help is also provided by KnowNet Volunteers through emails to enable organisations and individuals to design their websites absolutely free-of-cost.

To keep updated about developments of KnowNet Resources or for any further information, send an email at