New product launches

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DELL Computers has launched the Power Edge 2400 server at the conference here. The new server is part of the company's plans to expand the Indian market and offer its latest products in India.

The Power Edge 2400 server is priced at Rs. 2 lakhs, and is targeted at cost-conscious customers. It has back-up features against power failure and hard disk failures. Dell Computers has sold over 8,000 PCs in the third quarter in India.

Linux services from Lateral:

Lateral Software Technology has released the global English versions of EasyLinux 1.20 operating systems at Future releases of EasyLinux, the Linux operating system version from Easy Information Technology (eiT), Germany, will be developed by Lateral Software in India.

Lateral Software has also launched a full slate of Linus services under the brand `Lateral Linux Labs'. Lateral Linux Labs offers development of Linux-based tools and products, consulting and prototyping, conversion and migration to Linux.

Elixir Technology, Singapore, simultaneously released at a new breed of Java tools for developing next-generation Java applications for e-commerce, Internet and intranet.
Source : The Business Line . November 4, 1999.