Telemedicine in India from Apollo


24 hours. worldwide

The distance between the patient and the doctor has just been removed. With the launch of the Telemedicine unit in Aragonda village (chitor - district) Andhra Pradesh, by the Apollo Hospitals Group.

With 80% of India's population living in rural areas and 80% of the medical community living in cities, there is an imbalance in health care reaching people. so much that in the new millennium, 11% of the world's population (residing in our rural areas) remain devoid of quality health care.

The answer? Telemedicine from Apollo

Simply put. Telemedicine is the close interaction between a patient and a doctor, even when both are miles apart from each other. Telemedicine allows medical treatment using electronic communication networks. By using computer-aided transmission of audio visual data, Apollo can now deliver quality health care, instantly and effectively. Allowing easy consulting, diagnosis, treatment and continuing education, too. Ensuring that a heartbeat in a secluded village can be heard clearly, even in a busy city. This cost-effective solution has already attracted the interest of several developing countries. The Aragonda model will soon extend across 5 Indian states, covering 10 districts and 20 village groups in each state. After which Apollo Telemedicine will cover the whole of India. Similar services will be globally powered by Apollo Hospitals overseas. right now, it will directly cater to the people of Aragonda and 6 neighboring villages. Bringing advanced, yet affordable health care to over 50,000 people.

The Aragonda project is well-equipped to support a global -quality Telemedicine centre, comprising:>

Apollo mission has always been to bring world class health care within the reach of every individual. A step closer towards that mission will be the launch of the telemedicine Unit in Aragonda.