E-COMMERCE: WIPO Seeks To Help Developing Countries

     The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) yesterday launched a "digital agenda" to promote the development of electronic commerce "in both rich and poor nations," the Financial Times reported.
     The nine-point agenda, drawn up at the end of a three-day international conference in Geneva, covers areas earmarked for future rule-making, as well as practical measures to make use of new technologies.
     WIPO plans to launch a secure global network called "WIPONET" to link all 171 of its intellectual property offices, "enabling them to take a fuller part in policy debates."
     WIPO also wants to help developing countries "exploit their intellectual property on the Internet" by establishing projects such as "online museums" that could charge visitors for reproducing images or even levy an entrance fee (Frances Williams, Financial Times, 17 Sep).

Source: UN FOUNDATION . September 20, 1999