New Biotechnology Website Launched
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WASHINGTON, November 1, 1999 - The US Department of Agriculture has unveiled a new website that provides access to its information on agricultural biotechnology issues.

"There is an incredible amount of information on biotechnology available through hundreds of sites on the Internet," said Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman. "By creating this new central website, we're providing a starting point for the general public, media, industry, academia and our international trading partners to access information about USDA's role in agricultural biotechnology."

The USDA notes that several of its agencies have a role in biotechnology issues. The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, the Food Safety Inspection Service, and the Agricultural Marketing Service have regulatory functions involving biotechnology. The Agricultural Research Service, the Economic Research Service, and the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service conduct or fund agricultural biotechnology research. The Foreign Agricultural Service addresses trade issues related to biotechnology.

The new site offers answers to some of the most frequently asked biotechnological questions along with pages on biotechnology and trade, regulations, and research. The USDA says the site will be updated regularly as new reports and information are released. Links to many of the other government agencies involved in biotechnology are also provided.
Source : GNET. November 2, 1999.