Gujarat govt opens ‘language lab’ to impart IT skills
Rajiv Pathak
Ahmedabad 25 APRIL
TO EDGE its way to the forefront of the information technology (IT) revolution, the Gujarat government has launched a "language laboratory” programme to impart computer skills to those lacking in knowledge of English.
The state government believes Gujarat has enough talent to make it to the forefront, but the misplaced fear among youths and students that they will not be able to work on computers as they are not good in English is keeping them from coming forward.
The new programme is currently being run on a small scale in select schools. The government plans to expand it to the entire state gradually. The aim of the language laboratories is to remove inhibitions of students and dispel the impression that a masterful grip on English is necessary to learn computers.
Under the programme, the state government is providing software to various schools to teach students computer technology, Gujarat's IT minister Bimal Shah said.
According to him, after introduction to this software in schools, students will be inspired to go for higher skills in computer. The fear of the English language will also disappear from their minds in the process, he said. Efforts are also on to prepare Gujarati versions of medical and engineering terminology.
Mr Shah said the state government would encourage private participation in the language laboratory experiment. The programme will not burden the state exchequer as the required software is available at a very nominal price in the market, he added.
The minister said at present the state government is also giving computer training to about 100,000 people at various ITIs. — IANS

Souce : The Economic Times. April 26, 2000