MTNL to offer broadband services soon
Manoj Gairola
MAHANAGAR Telephone Nigam, the government-owned telecom operator in Delhi and Mumbai, will soon offer broadband services to corporate customers using fibre in subscribers loop and Digital Subscriber Line technologies.
Broadband services include high speed internet access, video conferencing, intranet and video applications including entertainment. “We have put optical fibre in subscribers' premises in commercial areas to enable data access at a high speed,” said KH Khan, chief general manager of MTNL, Delhi.
The company is also bringing in DSL technology, which is a data communications technology that enhances the speed of the internet by offering higher bandwidth on regular telephone lines. “We have already floated tender for the equipment for DSL technology,” Mr Khan said.
DSL technology uses the same copper wiring as regular voice telephone. DSL modems at each end of the line transform the telephone line into a high-speed digital connection. DSL comes in a variety of speeds from 144 kbps upto 52 mbps. These bandwidth capabilities provide productive access to the full range of interactive content that the internet has to offer. Most DSL service offerings also support bandwidth scaleability, which means that the consumer can increase the speed without incurring new start-up costs or buying new equipment.
In order to help the clients chose right technology, the company will also provide consulting services to its subscribers.
MTNL has also begun the process of laying the network for the GSM-based mobile telephone services. In order to achieve a coverage better than that of its private sector competitors, the company plans to establish 147 sites in Delhi. This will also enhance the coverage area and the quality of voice.
Presently, Bharti and Essar are the two mobile service providers in Delhi. MTNL has two-fold strategy to compete with its competitors. “We will compete with them on tariff and on the quality of services,” said Mr Khan.
“We are able to get the state-of-the-art technology at a very low price. Therefore, our quality of network will be much better than that of our competitors. We will also be able to offer services at much lower price. This will help us in acquiring a large market share both in Delhi and Mumbai,” Mr Khan stated.
Source : The Economic Times. May 25, 2000