Web site on teacher education

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MUMBAI, March 22

COMPREHENSIVE information relating to teacher education and related issues are now available on the Net. The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) has set-up a Web site (www.ncte-in.org) which is intended to be a dynamic resource for teacher education in the country.

With individual profiles of over 2,000 teacher education institutions, the site is not only a directory, but also a comprehensive compendium that includes the NCTE Act, regulations and relevant gazette notifications, apart from some useful NCTE publications.

A unique feature of the site is the compilation of important judgments of High Courts upholding the supremacy of NCTE in maintaining quality and standards of teacher education. Open access to information such as norms will allow the users to compare the available facilities against the requirement.

Another important feature of the Web site is the forum called Teachers as Transformers which is expected to create greater awareness about the experiences of both teachers and the taught. The forum will help raise the status of teachers and that of the teaching profession, the promoters said.
Source : The Business Line. March 31, 2000