Unique micro level planning project launched in AP

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THE Chief Minister, Mr. N.Chandrababu Naidu, on Wednesday launched a unique micro level planning and coordination project which deploys geographical information systems (GIS) coupled with satellite imagery and uses digitised data banks for works which cover various aspects of planning in the State.

This micro level planning concept is proposed to be tackled with the new AP Development Monitoring System (APDMS) developed by the State Planning Department.

The APDMS has digitised the geographic boundaries, natural resources, habitation, socio-economic infrastructure indicators, multi-purpose household survey data and human development data collected from across the State.

Mr. Naidu said the GIS system, coupled with satellite imagery and extensive use of IT would help monitor development works more efficiently and would help the Government use every inch of land and all available natural resources in an efficient manner.

The State Planning and Development Monitoring Centre (SPDMC) has been established in the Planning Department and District Planning and Development Monitoring Centres (DRDMCs) have been established in all the districts to plan and monitor different development schemes and programmes in the State using IT.

All the DPDMCs are being connected with the SPDMC for online transmission of data using AP State Wide Area Network (APSWAN). The connectivity will be used for accessing round the clock APDMS developed using GIS and remote sensing data.

The APDMS also provides multiple layers on the satellite image of the different units which will help monitor the achievements under specific indicators.

Habitation-wise and gram-panchayat-wise performances under different indictors can be monitored and reports can be generated both in English and Telugu.

The monitoring system will provide information on habitation -wise achievements under various programmes including the Janmabhoomi programme, a people's participatory initiative, relating to different sectors and departments. The APDMS has been made available on the internet for access to all the collectors, ministers and secretaries.

Digitisation of the geographic boundaries in the 1:50000 scale has been completed in 23 districts, 294 assembly constituencies, 1125 mandals and 28,245 revenues villages. The location of 67,505 habitations have been digitised along with 1,54,000 km of roads.
Source : The Business Line. January 27, 2000