Creating online communities
An extremely comprehensive site full of practical advice on how to use the Internet to change organisations, build partnerships and benefit communities. The stated aim of this site from the UK-based Partnerships Online is to create a framework for thinking about real and virtual communities, existing institutions and the impact of new media, provide links to existing resources, and act as a catalyst for new sites and projects.

Shaping Our Communities: The Impacts of Information-Technology
This Resource Guide provided by the Planning Commissioners Journal is designed to get you thinking about the impacts that telecommunications and information technology will have on our communities.

UN Millenium Report : Globalisation and Governance

Start an Online Commons
A short How-to article

Civic Networks: Building Community on the Net
Scott London True communities can only be formed through face to face contact and interaction. Virtual communities have many characteristics of true communities but lack the face to face social interaction component. Information technology can play a role in building s

Building Citizen-based Electronic Democracy Efforts

Governance Matters : From Measurement to Action
Daniel Kaufmann, Aart Kraay and Pablo Zoido-Lobatón
Policymakers generally rely on anecdotal evidence to assess the quality of governance, but this information is often misleading and incomplete. How can governments and civil society best encourage institutional change by developing and applying a systematic approach to measuring governance, its determinants, and its consequences?

India :Effective Devolution Of Power To Panchayats
UNDP India Policy Paper Presented At India Development Forum 2000.

Electronic Governance – A key issue in the 21st century
In simple terms Electronic Governance can be defined as giving Citizens the choice of when and where they access government information and services. Putting the Citizen at the centre of government means taking a delivery channel view. This would mean using more and more of Electronics & Information Technology in many of the government functions.

Internet Tutorial on Public Participation
Public Participation is a systematic way to identify and understand your different publics, provide them with relevant and understandable information, and work with them to resolve their concerns about your proposed project, program or policy.

Online Journals

Democracies Online Newswire

Developments in Electronic Governance (PDF format)
'Developments in electronic governance' is the British Council's briefing document on the harnessing of new technologies and new media to the governance agenda, and current issues in 'electronic governance'.