Online Volunteering – An innovative use of the Internet for Development

In the context of ICT for Development is offering an innovative new service at, developed and managed by the United Nations Volunteers.

The global Internet development platform provides a new opportunity for all developmental organizations to obtain help of volunteers, through the Internet.

Conversely every person in the world actually has the chance to become active in development themselves, to contribute their time and skills to developmental organizations.

Online Volunteering means, plainly, working as a volunteer with an organization by staying at home. Communication, work results and feedback are exchanged by email, via the Internet. An online volunteer therefore can work and stay any place in the world while the benefiting organization may also be located anywhere.

Imagine the potential for a real global collaborating development network.

What makes this new initiative so progressive?

can work with a developmental organization.

More people can get more things done.

Organizations can tap knowledge resources from all around the globe.

Skills, knowledge and time of people who are happy to make an influence can move development projects forward.

More knowledge and support gained with minimal expenditure.

For organizations:

So if you are committed to development, need the assistance of a volunteer and have Internet access why not be a Partner organization and benefit from this new service?

Check out for more information about Online Volunteering. Get some inspiration from the tasks others are assigning to Online Volunteers at

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For every human being:

Through Online Volunteering you have the chance to make an influence yourself. If you have Internet access and find an assignment (at that you can and want to work on: Apply and make a difference.

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